Geshalem is a union organizer, movement builder and workers’ rights advocate, elected secretary for her staff union, certified ontological executive coach, energy healer, yoni steam practitioner, community facilitator and aspiring herbalist. She strongly believes in the power of the people to make positive change ~ which includes being intentional with our language as a form of ACTION.

Her Vision

“It’s an honor & a privilege for me to coach CEOs, Directors, Managers, Executive Union Leaders and Rank & File Union Members in overcoming insecurities in order to confidently step into their highest potential. It’s important to integrate any practice which may support you in serving a greater number of people from a full cup! Through my work with our L.A. Wombyn’s Council, I get to play with a powerful group of feminine beings, and through the sacred ceremonial space we co-create, we become more graceful.”

Born in Toluca, Mexico; raised in Los Angeles, California; and having sparked her career within our Union Movement in San Diego, Geshalem believes it has been an honor & a privilege to have supported hundreds of immigrants like her in applying to also become a USA citizen. Since 2008, Geshalem has been actively casting her voice in elections as a permanent absentee/mail-in voter every two years or more if there’s a special election.

After a short stint at Los Angeles Pierce Community College, Geshalem transferred to and graduated from San Diego State University in 2007 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with an emphasis in Diversity and Change. Since then, she has been actively involved in our Union Movement, supporting to empower workers and strengthen our middle class. She has also registered hundreds to vote and has both lead and participated in various political campaigns in California, Ohio, Nevada, Florida, Maryland, and Arizona, for candidates, measures, and propositions that support working families. 

Geshalem is an avid reader & audio book listener, enjoys meditation & practicing yoga, and is an Ayurveda enthusiast. She loves hiking, camping & getting grounded in nature, as well as dancing & learning as a student of life, for life. Geshalem is the caretaker of various houseplants & a feline named Yoda. 



I had not experienced Ontological coaching before Geshalem started working with me. I always looked forward to our warm, enthusiastic sessions and unconditional positive regard.  By the end of our time together, I’ve rediscovered ways of being to live an authentic life, learned new tools to serve my higher self, and integrated the exercises into my life to serve the greater good and best case scenario. Thank you so much for all your time and effort, Geshalem. I appreciate you and look forward to working with you again in the future.” 

– LaNeesha D. –

“Geshalem has challenged me in ways no one has ever done before. I know I hold strong leadership qualities, but never understood why. Geshalem helped me find clarity in my dharma, my life purpose. Not only do I understand why – but I also understand how the energy I cultivate lives within me. She has helped me change my internal narrative of myself and affirm the power I possess is already within me. WOW Geshalem – I thank you for the challenges, the accountability and helping me through all the tough questions I didn’t know how to answer myself. I am filled with so much joy and confidence. Thank you for this journey of exploring how to live life to the fullest – helping me understand BEING that I am.”

– Ariel A. –


“I worked with Geshalem for over four months. Through her I gained clarity around my blind spots, my lack of commitments, and discovered new ways of being that supported my personal development and goals! If you are looking for deep coaching and transforming yourself, I highly recommend coaching with Geshalem; she cares about you and is committed to bring the best out of you during the coaching sessions. Geshalem, thank you for sharing your work and light with me!”

– Carolina B. –

“I went through a healing process where I received clarity, strength, closure, from a grounded space. I enjoyed working with Geshelem, she is insightful without being intrusive.  She is supportive and gentle and is definitely in the right career.  I would recommend her to anyone.   She allowed me to expect of myself, to keep myself accountable. I got to BE Me again!”


“What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to be coached by Geshalem. She is calm, clear, loving & receptive. I felt so open to her wisdom & the divine presence she carries. I received visceral clarity and guidance every single session I felt lighter & supported after. Some new ways of being I discovered were: [1.] Stay committed to clear vision & goals. [2.] Confidence to step into the roles I’ve been desiring to enter, Community facilitator, Reiki Master, Mentor. [3.] Practice more self awareness, especially focusing on what I do want & claiming that, instead of what I don’t want… I’ve stepped more fully into my Being rather than focusing on all the things I can do. The power is in Being rather than over doing. I saw clarity in Geshalem’s ability to be in alignment with herself & truth. It subconsciously gave me permission to step into my own greatness… Thank you so much. I am forever changed and grateful.”

– Andrea S. –

What I learned through this experience are tools that will help me the rest of my life. Although spiritual growth occurs from the coaching sessions and breakthroughs, there are practical tools and hands on learning that helped me understand the benefits of her work, have a healthier body and a higher energy level to achieve more and be more effective in life. 

Geshalem was able to  hold a space and be a witness as I uncovered a deep rooted belief system that did not serve me. She helped me create ownership in my life, release certain doubts/insecurities and have compassion for myself. I found a new relationship with self love and discipline. A way to honor my physical body and learn how to better exist in this world. Geshalem offers a VIP experience. I learned how to be more intentional in life thanks to this program.”

– Roxanna G.