Top 3 Benefits of Practicing Breathwork

Breathwork, Mindfulness

1. Gain an energy & immune system boost

  • Oxygenates cells – Increased oxygen (O2) in lungs creates feelings of upliftment and rejuvenation, expansion
  • Fortilizes blood cells

2. Reduces Stress & Increases Grounding

  • Focus on body, even if you try for 1 minute, it’s important to do your best to simply allow the breath to move through you
  • Don’t think about it, and you will drop into your body quicker
    This is an active meditation practice that will create a calming effect to your nervous system

3. Releases Stagnant Energy from your Body

  • When practiced with intention, you can imagine the stagnant energy in your body and send breath & white light to that spot in your body, heart, spirit, and consciously begin to release and detach from those energies
  • It’s important to maintain an open-mind, open-heart, and open-will to create a safe space for yourself to heal toward wellness